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Find a job before you need a job




  • Either your contract wraps at the end of the show, but you’re working so much OT that you don’t have time to think about your next role yet, or…

  • The pipeline and tools are in ‘maintenance mode’ and now your day-to-day win is finding that line of legacy code that is causing the bug, or…

  • The old studio guard is sitting comfortably in the supervisor roles and the only way for you to move up is if someone dies off, or…

  • You wish you had those problems since you’re just trying to get someone (any studio!) to give you your first job.

It’s when things stop going well in your job that you start looking for the next challenge; hopefully one that doesn’t require crazy overtime and has more opportunities for you to grow your skills and leadership abilities.  

You’re fully aware of how important timing is and that there are only small windows in the schedule when you can consider something new without leaving the team and project in a bind.


Your Recruiter and Strategist in One.



The right strategy can make the journey more enjoyable and help you land a new job, allowing you to take the overwhelm out of the job search so you can rinse and repeat with each new contract.

As a headhunter, I work with multiple studios seeking to hire artists and engineers like you. At a given moment, I’m working on between 3-20 open, unadvertised positions, often on unannounced projects with a different client roster each year.

My favorite moment is when I’m helping a client hire for a niche role, and I have talent (like you) that is the perfect fit.


It is truly magical when the stars align. You’re nearing the end of your current project, that dream project with pre-Oscar buzz is hiring (it isn’t even written yet), moonlight walks along the beach, a multi-million $$$ per year life-time employment contract, and they just wired the money to you for being awesome (Oops, got carried away with wishful thinking.)


While I primarily find people for studios (not studios for the job searcher), that doesn’t mean that you have to wait for your next move.

There are strategic steps you can be taking now.


 Stack the [Career]
Odds in Your Favor.


I truly believe that you can intentionally take action to create your luck.


You might be like a lot of people I chat with. The mainstream advice is too generic (“put your best work first”) and from people who've never been a recruiter. The last time you’ve received targeted resume and portfolio/reel advice was from your university’s career office eons ago, but your career is so far beyond that now. You’ve been piecemealing things together ever since.

No one truly cares about your career, your goals, and your success as much as YOU do. And, as it’s your sole responsibility to look out for your interests, you get to define what that looks like. Working together, we can enhance your career search and refine those all-important job hunting skills.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro, have a few show credits to your name, or you’re just looking to break in, we all get bewildered. As you jump from role to role, new-cities-to-new countries, 0-kids to 2-kids in college, your needs will change and your career goals will evolve too.

We all get that "I don't know . . ." voice in our heads and need help shining a light on good career practices.

I’ll show you how to get noticed, let studios know you exist, and for you to find your next job. And, I’m also available to give you the one-on-one attention you deserve through my tailored coaching services.

Success is the good fortune that comes from aspiration, desperation, perspiration, and inspiration.
— Evan Esar

Pow Wows


Sometimes you need a recruiter friend to get some straightshootin' answers and some one-on-one attention.



Interested in a quick, 3o-minute session to get some professional feedback, prep, or answers to your burning questions? You’re in the right place. Here’s how we can make it happen.

Demo reel and portfolio critique with Tiffany Feeney at Talent Outpost, a recruiting firm for game design and studios

Demo Reel/Portfolio Advice (to land an interview)
We'll get down and dirty on your artwork, offer quick improvement tips, and strategize next steps. 

LinkedIn Profile Review Profile Audit

Q&A Session (when you don’t know where to go from here)
These one-on-one sessions aren’t only for those jumpstarting their careers (even pros can get bewildered). As you jump from role to projects, cities-to-new countries, zero-kids to 2-kids in college, your needs and career goals will evolve. You'll get answers to your Qs like fish in a barrel. Pew! Pew!


Resume critique for job placement

Job Search Game Plan
We'll talk about what's going on in your search, cast a wider studio opportunity net, and how to be more effective.

Job Search Review

Resume / CV Critique and Advice (to impress your future boss)
In our opinion, the most under-utilized piece in your "getting a job" briefcase and up-leveling your career. That career service office's advice just doesn't cut it anymore.


Interview Prep

Interview Prep (to increase your chances of getting an offer)
You got the interview bat signal (Woohoo!), and we'll help you stick the landing. #FunFact - Beyonce rehearsed for 8-months for a 2-hour performance. Now that is a PRO!

Coaching session with recruiter Tiffany Feeney

LinkedIn Profile Optimization (help your future job find you)
We'll jump and discuss how you can improve and optimize this essential "man behind the curtain" networking tool to be found by other studios.  


Everyone needs an ally.

I’m clocking over 10,000+ of reel and portfolio review hours, capturing 1,000+ interview feedback notes from department managers, and stalking the internet to find you and your work. I’m in the battlefield daily and can make your next transition smoother and more effective by giving you the inside advantage.