If recruiting the right people were simple,
you wouldn’t need me.

A long-standing network of talented people.

You want to hire for the needs of the project, not around the personality of the talent. Then again, it’s hard to quantify the cost when a team isn’t getting along, though your guess is that it's not very efficient.

Meanwhile, Story is struggling, sequences are stalling, and your production accountant is squirreling away “production nuts” because they know OT is inevitable. Let’s not let that happen to you.

Enticing and persuading top candidates.

Changing jobs, lunch buddies, or even the average seasonal outdoor temperatures in summer vs. winter can be a VERY big deal to candidates (Will they have to buy their a parka for their chihuahua? is that included in the relo package?).

Ultimately, candidates want to know more about you, your projects, how they’ll gel with their team, and if they can trust the studio’s promises. These are honest conversations a candidate is more open to having with a “neutral” recruiter like me as I consult the candidate and the studio along the way.


Confidently make first-class hires.

Production time is valuable. You want to spend less time interviewing the wrong candidates, more time speaking to candidates who are genuinely interested and a fit for your role, and then back to making decisions on the show.

Recruiting is both an art (my vested network of talent) and a science (effectiveness). I approach recruiting like a producer. I often work backward from where you want to end; getting people HIRED, and nurturing others to bring out their best.


I partner with you and your team every step throughout the recruiting process so that after the interview, you’ll likely send me emails like this:


Supervisor’s immediate feedback after an interview.

Lovely email from a department head.



I treat candidates how I would want to be treated, which is why offer acceptance rates go up when I recruit for you.
(one client had 60.7% improvement)


Hiring People. It’s What I Do.

Who and what do you need?


    "Someone needs to steer this ship and tell us where we’re going.”

    The more strategic, specialized, or high-ranking the role is, the more talent-constrained the market is. Our industry is a team sport, and this person is too important to leave this hire up to sheer luck.

    They need to lift the team (not drag them down), communicate and get along with your other leads, and be really good at their job.  

    A dedicated and curated search strategy is the most effective method to recruit highly sought after people, and I wouldn’t do it any other way. Let’s nudge Lady Luck.


    “Shots are moving slower than molasses after a category-5 blizzard piggy-backed by a polar vortex.”

    Building the right team mix is essential to your studio's ongoing success project after project. It starts with great people. A fantastic opportunity will attract motivated and creative people focused on giving their best to your studio.

    A tailored approach to scouring the industry marketplace for your creative pearl.


    Too many sequences are stuck in Anim and the Lighting team is killing time by organizing a Street Fighter 2 tournament.

    The delivery date is barreling down on you, and you need someone to jump on the box and knock out the shots fast: no training, minimal guidance, and a real gun for hire.

    Only for a few days, a week, a month (though you and I both know this project end date is gonna push).

    We reach out to active job seekers and promote your immediate opening to our network because you needed this person, like yesterday.


    “I need someone to turn those ‘somedays’ and ‘nice to haves’ into reality”

    Industry Events: You can’t be everywhere at once, and some events are really disruptive to the day-to-day needs of the company. I’ve helped studios be everywhere and {{{squeeze}}} every ounce out of that conference: event planning, pre-event talent campaigns (so you know you’re meeting good people), and attending events on behalf of your studio.

    Recruiting Operations: Be honest, does your recruiting team love their ATS? Have you ever forgotten to schedule a candidate interview (doh!)? Sometimes you just need a clear roadmap, a strategy to build a pool of talent, and guidance on passive talent engagement. I get the essentials in place, so your team can find and hire great people.

    Small Studio Support: When you have less than 20 people at your studio, having a recruiter feels like a luxury. I customize parts of your recruiting, so you’re not weighed down by all of the hats you’re already wearing.


I've got your back.

Here’s how it works. 

Tiffany Feeney Studio Talent Recruiter Talent Outpost


We set-up a call to talk studio, culture, the roles you’re looking to fill, plus your expectations of working with someone like me.  I develop your role's search strategy and painstakingly cull my network of top prospective candidates fitting your requirements.

I make a list and check it twice by manually reviewing each and every resume, reel, and credit list to weed out the so-so from the exceptional candidates that align to your team. If they pass this step, I move into our engagement strategy; phone interview and a careful work history review before they receive my shared candidate recommendation to you.


You review the people I've introduced and decide who you want to meet (scheduling interviews, I'm on it!).

The quality of how you conduct interviews is your BIGGEST role in recruiting, which is why I provide detailed pre-interview notes per candidate, so you go into the meeting with a game plan.

You live and breathe your company's culture and enthusiasm for the project, and it must come through in your interviews. You know best what is needed for the team, and the choice to hire is always your call.  

I am here as a partner and sounding board to help you and the candidate make good decisions. I streamline the recruiting process so you can focus on your most important choice: to hire or not to hire.


Throughout the interview process, I stay in step with you and the candidate to ensure you both feel the same way about each other. If love the candidate and you want them on your team, it leads to me extending the offer on your behalf.

As your recruiter and headhunter, my sole responsibility is to identify and entice the most qualified people away from their current studio and facilitate their transition to your studio for their first day.

Tiffany Feeney Studio Talent Recruiter Talent Outpost

This sounds awesome!

(how much is it gonna cost?)

Each of our searches are as different as your projects.

Once we've had our initial chat, I’ll prepare a proposal for your review and contract for approval. The service fee is determined through analysis of the role, responsibilities, compensation, studio reputation, competitive market. Depending on your circumstances, I'll recommend a recruiting service model based on your role(s), hiring timeline, and volume of service needed to achieve your preferred candidate start dates. I'd prefer we structure our relationship more like a partnership to help ensure that you’re hiring the right people for you.

Invoices are due within 30-days of issue date, paid by the hiring company, never by the candidate.


Tiffany Feeney from Talent Outpost

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