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Applicant and Candidate Privacy Policy

Declaration of consent for data protection (according to article 7 section 3 of the law of placement services (“Arbeitsvermittlugsgesetz (AVG)”) and article 19 of the regulation to the law of placement services (“Arbeitsvermittlungsverordnung (AVV)”) )

For the purposes of recruitment Tiffany Feeney Talent Outpost needs to collect and process information about candidates. When you provide your information to us, via email or website, or via any other means, you consent to your information being collected, used, disclosed, retained or destroyed in accordance with this statement and our general privacy notice.

By agreeing to these conditions, it is deemed that you are willing to be put forward for, and will consider accepting, any vacancy which Tiffany Feeney Talent Outpost reasonably believes to be appropriate given your expertise and experience.

This statement does not form part of your contract of employment with any future employer.

You hereby authorize Tiffany Feeney Talent Outpost to collect, use, disclose, retain (even after the end of the business relationship) and destroy personal data and to obtain information (references, reports etc.) regarding the conclusion or execution of an employment contract, as well as forward it to its clients, to whom you may be called to work, and to its branches or business partners.

You also authorize Tiffany Feeney Talent Outpost to make offers by phone or email, to use your data to improve services and to pass them on to other clients of the Tiffany Feeney Talent Outpost Group and its business partners in Switzerland and abroad, and for these purposes even after the end of your business relationship with Tiffany Feeney Talent Outpost. Tiffany Feeney Talent Outpost guarantees the confidentiality of the information. You acknowledge that this consent may be revoked at any time in writing. In this case, Tiffany Feeney Talent Outpost will keep only the information, which is indispensable as evidence in the case of a legal dispute concerning labor law.

Scott Robson